About Us

Opus is proud to have several different types of established providers in our practice. This includes a naturopathic care provider, a medical doctor and a chiropractor. While the focus of each care provider is different, each has a passion for helping clients in the most natural manner possible.

This core belief is what makes our practice so different and why our providers work so well together. By combining their areas of focus, they're able to help clients achieve better overall health and find solutions to even the most difficult of health or wellness issues.

Gwieneverea Brandon, MD, Melissa Santiago, ND, Thomas Culleton DC and Danielle Casseus have combined forces to form Opus Anti-aging and Wellness, an integrative practice with over 40 years of combined experience in the field of medicine and wellness. They strive to stay on the cutting edge with regards to clients’ needs as it relates to health and wellness.

They are able to stay in-tuned with their clients by living the lifestyle that they encourage their clients to adopt. Their realness is transparent as they are able to draw from their own experiences and therefore connect personally to their clients’ quest for health.

A Closer Look

Opus Anti-aging and Wellness is not your typical doctor’s office. We focus on listening to our clients and assisting them in reaching the wellness goals they have set for themselves. Here at Opus Anti-aging and Wellness, we utilize an integrative medicine approach that takes into account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). We utilize appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. We believe that focusing on health promotion and prevention of disease will create a more fulfilling life for individuals, their families and their communities. We believe Opus Anti-aging and Wellness represents the future of medicine.

Bodies are complex, so when an issue arises, it’s important to look at each system in the body to find out the root cause. With our multifaceted approach, we are able to address all aspects of wellness and align your wellness goals with a treatment plan specifically for you.

Our doctors dig deep to learn as much as they can about your individual health and effectively work to help you achieve your optimal wellness. While functional medicine, traditional medicine and alternative medicine are each special in their own right, when they are combined, they can truly help people in a more effective manner than ever before.

At Opus, we want to help you engage in life again. We know the power of the body, the mind, and the spirit when given the proper tools to achieve optimal health and wellness. Our dedicated and knowledgeable providers will partner with you and determine the right changes that can help you get back to your old self.

Our Stories

  • Gwieneverea Brandon, MD
  • Melissa Santiago, ND

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