Becoming A Client

We’re excited that you’re considering becoming a client with Opus! Since we’re different from traditional doctors’ offices, it’s important for us to share the steps you must take in order to become a client.

Step 1. Initial Contact

Whether you've seen one of our ads or were recommended our services from a friend, your first contact will be to call our office. During this call, our office staff will explain what you can expect in your first visit and discuss payment information. In addition to this, we'll e-mail paperwork for you to fill out and send back a few days before your first appointment.

Our providers offer a one-time free-of-charge, phone conversation prior to your initial evaluation in order to answer questions. Since we want to provide the best support, this is something we're glad to do to give you confidence in our care.

Step 2. First Visit

Your first visit will give you ample time to discuss your health and wellness with our providers. They’ll listen to your concerns, ask questions, review your intake forms and essentially get to know you on a deeper level. This appointment is generally 1.5 hours, although the exact time will vary based on the individual. Most clients will leave with instructions on what to do until the next appointment, which may include dietary changes, laboratory work, or supplement protocols.

Step 3. Personalized Wellness Plan

After your first appointment, you’ll come back to receive your personal treatment plan. The team from Opus will create your personalized treatment plan from your history and laboratory testing results.  One of our providers will sit down and explain each of the solutions in this plan and answer any questions you might have.

Starting the Journey to Better Health

Once your first couple of appointments have been completed and you have a wellness plan, you’ll be able to begin your journey to better health. For us, this is the most exciting part. We love seeing how our clients implement lifestyle changes and especially enjoy seeing their successes. Until you get to that point, your care provider will regularly meet with you to update test results and discuss how you feel. With these intermittent appointments, you’ll have the support you need to always continue moving forward.

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