How We Work

Our practice welcomes new clients because our team is always looking for ways to help those who need it. However, we have found that many people have very little experience working with offices like ours. To give you insight into how we work, the information below can help.

Learning About You and Your Goals

Our providers sit down and get to know you so they can better understand your health, your state of mind and your history. Once they have the information they need, they’ll be able to discuss your overall goals and what you want to achieve when it comes to your health and wellness. You’ll find that the initial appointment with us is much longer because our providers sit down and actively talk with you. This is standard with us because short appointments don’t provide the time it takes to help our clients at the level necessary to effect positive change.

Tests and Exams to Understand Your Body

While it’s important for us to get to know you on a personal level, there’s only so much you can tell our providers about your physical health. That’s why we use comprehensive tests and exams designed to learn more about your overall health and wellness. With these, we can uncover imbalances, deficiencies, conditions and other issues that are contributing to your symptoms and general discomfort. It’s very likely that these tests will be much more in-depth than any you have had before; however, they are necessary to create a detailed picture of what’s going on with you.

A Solution Plan Combined with Patient Education

Our providers will look over your test results and the rest of your paperwork in order to determine which solutions are right for you. Fortunately, since we have care providers who work in functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, traditional medicine and chiropractic, this means you’re given the most comprehensive care plan possible. At Opus, we work together to make sure each care provider can offer input as to what they feel the best solution to an issue would be.

Once that plan is created, one of our providers will sit down with you and explain each and every solution recommended. This will ensure you learn why these solutions are crucial to your overall health and wellness. With that understanding, you’ll be more encouraged and confident to begin making permanent lifestyle changes. If you have any questions along the way, we’re always here to help because we want to see you obtain your goals.

Continued Care with Updated Test Results

It’s important to understand that when you focus on healing the body, it’s going to take more time than it would if you were to take medications. However, if you stick with it, you have the potential to see incredible results. In fact, many clients see their symptoms dissipate and even disappear completely. Their results are obtained because they put in the time required, committed to their wellness goals and to living healthier.

As your health changes naturally over time, our care providers will be here to adjust your wellness plan as necessary. This will be done through updated testing, which will also allow you to see how far your overall health has come and what has changed since your previous visits. We enjoy showing you that you’re getting better, even if you already feel it on the inside.

Payments and Insurance
We do not accept insurance as we are an out-of-network facility. We are a fee-for-service practice which means that payment in full is expected at the time of service. Although we do not file insurance for our clients, we can provide a superbill to submit to an insurance company or submit with end of year tax return. You can, however, use your Health Spending Account (HSA)/Flex Spending Account toward services, products and labs. We accept VISA, MC, HSA, cash, and checks as well as care credit. 
*When we present your customized care plan, we include all the necessary office visits, supplements and treatments needed to allow you to budget for the duration of treatment.

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