Why We Are Different

At Opus, we know you have many options when it comes to choosing a health and wellness office. However, by learning more about us, you’ll easily see why we are different from other practices you have been to before. Even if you have seen alternative care providers who offer services similar to ours, none come close to doing what we do. You will find some of the biggest reasons why we are different below and hope they give you the information you need to determine if we are the right fit for you.

A Unique Approach for Better Care

Unlike most alternative medicine practices, Opus has a licensed medical doctor on staff. While we do make it a priority to offer natural care that is geared to allowing the body to heal itself, we also understand that prescription medications are sometimes necessary and therefore we have the ability to utilize them if needed. From your first meeting, you will understand that what’s important to you is also important to us. Your wellness goals determine your care. Our team works carefully to provide individualized plans for all of our clients ensuring the plan lines up for the goals you have set for yourself.

A Dynamic Team of Providers

At Opus, our providers are the reasons why our clients recommend us to their family and friends. They are also the reasons why we have such high levels of success when it comes to our clients reaching their wellness goals.

While it’s true that most doctors go into medicine because they want to help, the stark reality is that traditional healthcare doesn’t allow the comprehensive care that most would like to provide. That’s why our care providers broke away from “the norm” and created Opus. Here, they are able to work with patients one-on-one without being limited by insurance or pharmaceutical companies.

Each of our doctors has vast experience that ensures clients are given the care they deserve. In our office, we are proud to have a medical doctor, a naturopathic doctor and a chiropractor, each of whom has years of experience and training in their respected fields. Our entire team, including our CEO (who has personal experience being a patient), enjoys assisting in improving lives, and therefore improving the community.

Dedication to Improving Health

When you are a client with our practice, comprehensive testing is a necessary part of your care. With this, we can learn more about what is going on inside your body and why you feel the way you do. From uncovering small imbalances to identifying conditions and problems in the gut, the benefits of this type of testing are unmatched. Using comprehensive tests also ensures no two clients are cared for exactly the same and each individual’s health and wellness concerns are being addressed.

Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Health

Aside from your physical wellness, our team at Opus knows that it is also important to address your emotional and spiritual wellness. While these might seem like areas that are unnecessary to tackle, it’s important to understand how closely linked the mind and body are. No matter where your starting point is, we’ll meet you there and help you move forward in all three areas.

Determination to Find Solutions

Our providers are dedicated and committed to putting in the work to help our clients find solutions that work. Many of our clients have found us after being swept to the side by other healthcare professionals and have been impressed on how thorough and extensive our providers are when it comes to figuring out the root cause of their problem.  Our providers do extensive research for special cases and even reach out to other experts for collaboration. This is their standard of care because it’s so important to them to transform lives and change how people think about their own wellness. Whether you’re coming to us with a chronic disease or you’re not sure what’s going on, but you know something isn’t right, our determination will ensure we effectively help you.

Working Together to Create a Better Experience

Throughout your time with the team at Opus, it’s very likely you will work with each of our care providers. In other offices, this can mean a lack of quality care as notes and communication between doctors are lost. In our practice, this is not the case. Our care providers regularly review notes and communicate with one another in order to ensure each understands what’s going on with our clients. It’s this attention to detail that helps give our clients the care they deserve, ensures successful appointments from one doctor to another, and a continuum of care from one wellness modality to another.

Giving Patients the Keys to Better Health

Teaching our clients how to take care of themselves is extremely important to us because we know that nobody wants to see a doctor for help every week. From the start of your care, education is going to be a huge part of your experience. This includes learning about your own body and why it is “acting up”. In addition to this, our providers will educate you on why specific solutions are recommended and how they can improve your wellness when implemented properly. By giving you a deeper knowledge about yourself and the tools needed to make positive changes, you’ll have what you need to unlock better health and wellness.

Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Your Health

With more well-rounded care that’s centered on you, it’s possible to finally find solutions and begin addressing each of your health and wellness issues. We understand the frustration of being ignored or not receiving the level of care that you need and deserve. That’s why you’re always our first priority no matter what wellness concerns you have...

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