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Our Comprehensive Approach to Health and Wellness

  • Integrative Approach

    We utilize traditional (allopathic), natural (naturopathic), functional, and chiropractic medicine modalities to address your health concerns. We devise a personalized plan directed at your wellness goals.

  • Proven Results

    We have had an abundance of success stories across our 40+ years of combined experience that speak to the positive effects of our unique approach to wellness. We are happy to share our results with you.

  • Whole Body Support

    We look at you as a whole person, not just your symptoms. Your current health conditions involve you as 3-dimensional (mind, body, and spirit), requiring us to address each part.

  • Personal Passion

    We love helping clients achieve lasting improvements in their quality of life. We are passionate about each client in their desire to attain their individual goals and utilize a variety of wellness tools to do so.

  • Customized Care

    We design our programs to be comprehensive, but not cookie-cutter. We scale every aspect of our care to be individualized for each client. We treat you like an individual not just a set of symptoms.

  • Education for Our Patients

    We empower our clients with the knowledge and education they need to successfully manage their own health and wellness. The majority of our clients are able to utilize the tools we equip them with to assist family and friends, therefore educating and improving the wellness of their community.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Wellness Team

At Opus, we know you have many choices when it comes to wellness care. However, by learning more about us, we think you’ll easily see why we’re different from any other practice you’ve been to before. Even if you’ve seen alternative care providers who offer services similar to ours, none come close to doing what we do... Read More ›

We Are Not Your Typical Doctor's Office

We are dedicated to improving health with more well-rounded care that’s centered on you. It’s now possible to finally find solutions and begin addressing each of your health issues. We understand the frustration of being ignored or not receiving the level of care that you need and deserve. That’s why you’re always our first priority no matter what health issues or concerns... Read More ›

We Help Clients Find Their Path To Wellness

Our providers sit down and get to know you so they can better understand your health. Since we have care providers who work in functional medicine, traditional medicine and chiropractic, you’re given the most comprehensive care plan possible. We will make sure each care provider offers input for the best solution to your health issue... Read More ›

Meet the Opus Anti-aging and Wellness Team

Gwieneverea Brandon, MD and Melissa Santiago, ND, Thomas Culleton, DC and Danielle Casseus have combined forces to form Opus Anti-aging and Wellness, an integrative practice with over 40 years of combined experience in the field of medicine and wellness. They strive to stay on the cutting edge with regards to clients’ needs as it relates to health and wellness.

They are able to stay in-tuned with their clients by living the lifestyle that they encourage their clients to adopt. Their realness is transparent as they are able to draw from their own experiences and therefore connect personally to their clients’ quest for health... Read More ›

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