The Opus Difference

Have you ever wished your doctor would take you seriously, or listen to you better?

Have you ever been frustrated with having to see multiple specialists for your various symptoms?

Have you ever felt like going to your primary care doctor was a waste of your time?

At Opus, we HEAR you!

Our naturopathic & functional medical doctors work together to provide you with holistic health care that succeeds where conventional medicine fails – treating you as a person. We address your body, mind, & spirit as a whole unit.

From our first meeting, you’ll see that what’s important to YOU is also important to us.

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We are here because we both have personally improved our lives through embracing changes and living a healthier lifestyle. We now dedicate ourselves to helping you do the same by thoroughly investigating your unique health history, identifying your needs, and supporting you with individualized programs that create positive changes in your life.

You are special and unique, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to help you on your wellness journey.

Melissa Santiago
Melissa SantiagoND
Melissa graduated from Bastyr University & has been a naturopathic practitioner for over 29 years. During her early years of practice she focused on holistic support for women and their children who were dealing with autoimmune dysfunction.
Over the last 10 years she has been focusing on systemic care to include understanding the importance of a healthy oral cavity via the use of biological dentistry and oral surgery, in addition to the systemic effects of chelation therapy, IV nutrition, pain management via the use of neural therapy and ozone, and the importance of pre and post surgical conditioning in facilitating successful outcomes to any surgical treatment.

Equipping people to take responsibility for their health has always been her passion. She knows if she can teach a patient to understand their own needs they can teach and encourage others. In addition, over her many years of experience, she has come to realize the tremendous importance of the mind, body, & spirit connection. The role this plays in recovery is a crucial component to living a healthy full Iife.

Gwieneverea Brandon
Gwieneverea BrandonMD
Dr. Brandon received her medical training from Jefferson Medical College and went on to specialize in pediatrics and neonatology. She has always had a heart for those who cannot speak for themselves and unable to make choices on their own. Although formally trained in allopathic, a.k.a. western medicine, her personal life journey with the transition of her immediate family from diseases that were “incurable”, ignited a new passion. Through self-discovery, she found that there are other choices; choices that truly make a difference in people’s health and wellness. Dr. Brandon has studied and continues to study the impact nutrition has on health, natural and homeopathic remedies, and the importance of treating the mind-body-spirit triad for the most effective healing. Dr. Brandon understands the need for collaboration and therefore strives to elicit a team approach among like-minded practitioners in order to offer the best care.
Gwieneverea Brandon is an ARMY veteran and stays active in her community through public speaking and educating about health and wellness.

We look forward to supporting you with positive changes for better health.
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