Is This You?

At Opus, we welcome those who are looking to take control of their own health and wellness, even if it means putting in more work. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the types of clients that we have helped, the below information can offer more insight. Whether you relate to these or not, you’re still likely an ideal patient if you want to embrace more natural or holistic care.

You Are Someone

● Is constantly sick or under the weather
● Who has been diagnosed with cancer
● Is tired of never finding out why they feel exhausted or not like themselves
● Wants to avoid prescription medications
● Has a thyroid problem
● Has diabetes
● Wants to learn how to eat healthier
● Wants to feel better so you can stay active
● Is looking to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin
● Pregnant or desiring to become pregnant
● An athlete looking to enhance your performance

You Are a Parent Who

● Is concerned about the health of your child
● Wants to help your chronically ill child
● Wants to help your child feel their best
● Who has a student athlete

Uncovering Underlying Health Issues

Getting to the bottom of your health and wellness issues and physical symptoms is extremely important. After all, how will you feel better if the issues causing your discomfort are never addressed? If you want your body to function optimally, then our approach to care will be an excellent fit. We make care plans for your wellness goals, utilize comprehensive tests and exams in order to identify what’s going on, and help eliminate the frustration that often comes attached to traditional healthcare.

Are Your Concerns Being Addressed?

For many of our clients, their concerns are not being addressed because they’re never given the chance to voice exactly what they are. Quick appointment times and lackluster care have left many people in a vicious cycle of wondering what’s wrong. At Opus, we actively work to make sure every patient has a wonderful experience. When you come in, our providers will listen to you and each concern that you have. We’ll also learn more about your goals and what you see for yourself in the future.

With more well-rounded care that’s centered on you, it’s possible to finally find solutions and begin addressing each of your health and wellness issues. We understand the frustration of being ignored or not receiving the level of care that you need and deserve. That’s why you’re always our first priority no matter what issues or concerns you’re coming to us for. We know that with attention and time, we can help you in a more comprehensive manner than ever before.

We Help Our Clients Find Their Path To Wellness

We will review your comprehensive wellness history and your test results in order to determine which solutions are right for you. Since we have care providers who work in naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, traditional medicine, and chiropractic, you’re given the most comprehensive care plan possible. We will make sure each care provider offers input for the best solution to your wellness issue.

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