Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Services

• In-Depth Testing
• Nutrition Counseling
• Nutrient Testing
• Hormone Therapy
• Intravenous Therapy
• Chelation Therapy
• Neural Therapy

General Health and Wellness Services

• Prenatal & Postnatal Care
• Prescription Drug Evaluation
• Anti-Aging Treatments
• Pain Management

Personalized Care

When you come to Opus, you’ll quickly find that personalized care is our standard. From getting to know your health history to the types of tests you’re given, everything will be designed just for you.

Natural Solutions Blended with Traditional Medicine

At Opus, we don’t say that we would never write a prescription because we certainly do. However, when we do, it's generally for individuals who need it for pressing health issues, such as infections. Since we are dedicated to the most natural care possible, even those who receive prescriptions are given naturopathic care as well. We blend the two when it's appropriate, but aside from that, natural care is our priority.

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