What is Functional Medicine?

The main difference is the philosophy of addressing the whole person, rather than a set of symptoms. Conventional medicine has a narrow focus, to find medications or surgeries for a set of symptoms. Functional medicine instead, looks for the underlying dysfunctions present in the body which cause the symptoms. Functional medicine uses evidence based scientifically proven treatments while taking your individual biochemistry into account.

How Do I Become a New Patient?

You may call us at 512-593-8443 to schedule your New Patient Evaluation. Your New Patient Evaluation will be approximately 90 minutes long and includes nutritional, lifestyle and stress analysis. We take time to learn about you & address your goals for recovery, growth and vitality.

What Are Your Fees?

New Patient Initial Examination (90 min.) $475.00
Initial Limited (60 min.) $225.00
Established Patient Extended Consult (80 min.) $175.00
Follow Up, Coaching & Lab Consult (45 min.) $97-150.00
Lab Work Varies
Supplements Varies
Therapy Varies
Reports / Copy fees / Specialized services Varies

Please note that these may change at any time without notice.

When we present your customized care plan, we include all the necessary office visits, supplements, and treatments needed to allow you to budget for the duration of treatment.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do not accept insurance as we are an out-of-network facility. We are a fee-for-service practice which means that payment in full is expected at the time of service. However, we can provide a superbill to submit to an insurance company or submit an end of year tax return. You can use your Health Spending Account (HSA)/Flex Spending Account toward services, products, and labs.

What forms of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept VISA, MC, HSA, cash, and checks as well as Care Credit.

What Is Your Appointment & Cancellation Policy?

Missing or cancelling an appointment with less than a 24 hours notice will be charged the full fee of service. You will be charged a cancellation/rescheduling fee of $75 if you fail to contact our office at least 48 hours before your appointment.